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    Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness - Black dog harness


    Black dog harness - Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness in black


    Black as a color can be associated with many characteristics. To some it means strength and elegance while others consider it mysterious. As the opposite of white, black creates balance in the „chaos” of colors.

    This might be the reason why the black dog harness is still the most popular among dog owners. Be it intentional or a random decision, but most dog trainers opt for this Julius-K9 harness. It’s no surprise since they appreciate strength, discipline and respect. Armed forces’ trainers also opt for these harnesses where authority and formality are also essential. However, these dog harnesses are made for everybody! This color is hard to get dirty, so it’s the best choice for waterbank-strolls or a walk in the forest, while because of its elegant black color, this Julius-K9 harness is also a considerable choice for urban walks and events.

    Before getting lost in the cavalcade of colors, it’s important to consider that these black dog harnesses are unisex, so if you have a male or female dog, this can be the perfect choice for all of them!

    Why do more and more people opt for Julius-K9 harnesses?

    •          IDC Powerharnesses are being constantly tested. Did you know for example that these harnesses can bear 300 kg of weight?
    •          These long-lasting harnesses are made of the best-quality German materials.
    •          The chest strap, the inner lining and the patches are reflective, so the best visibility is ensured for walks at night!

    Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness - Black dog harness

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