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    IDC Lumino Short Leash 0.35m/1.8ft (216KF-SN)


    Width: 19mm / 0.75 in

    Length: 0.35m / 1.8 ft

    The first phosphorescent leash, invented by Julius-K9!

    SKU: 216KF-SN

    JULIUS-K9® invention, world's first phosphorescent leash.

    Recommended by the K-9 Search Dog Center / Alexandra Grunow 
    This leash is glowing (phosphoresce) in the dark. It’s a strong polyester strap with optimal adherence, covered with silicon-like material, tested and proved on load tests.
    A phosphorescent material is capable of emitting light only after exposure to light, depending on the duration and intensity of light exposure.
    Width is 19 mm, available in different lengths, with or without handle.

    The name ‘Lumino’ was inspired by expression ‘luminescence’ which means light emission of low temperature objects. A type of this is is photoluminescence, light emission after the absorption of photons.
    1. Light emission right after the photon absorption: fluorescence
    2. Delayed light emission after the photon absorption: phosphorescence

    Not for tie-out!

    Tensile test till 1m length with medium carabiner: Under 135kg load, only the medium sized carabiner broke.
    Tensile test over 1m length with large carabiner: Under 185kg load the leash broke off.

    Tested materials:

    • 216-SN neon leash 20 mm
    • 216-GN super-grip leash 20 mm

    Products specifications
    Handle With Handle
    Choose Length 0.35 m / 1.8 ft
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    Products specifications
    Handle With Handle
    Choose Length 0.35 m / 1.8 ft
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