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  • Size: 2" ~ 5 cm
  • Features that satisfying water bottle crunch dogs love
  • Made with durable natural rubber
  • Crunchy water bottle encased in a strong rubber shell
  • Made with recycled plastic bottle material
  • Ships in assorted colors
  • Recommended for medium-size dogs
  • €22.99
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Feel with treats or squeaky ball
  • Strengthen problem-solving skills
  • Recommend for medium-sized dogs
  • €9.49

    The JW® iSqueak squeaking rubber ball is made of extremely durable material with vanilla extract

    Vivid color

    Suitable for the dog to play together or even alone

    For medium sized dogs

  • Stuff with your dogs favorite treats
  • Enhances the experience and keeps our favorites engaged for a long time
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Recommended for large dogs
  • €11.49
  • Size: 5" / 12,5 cm
  • Made from durable natural rubber
  • Stuff with your dogs favorite treats
  • €11.49

    Intelligent design - happy little ones.

    The American JW® brand is one of the most innovative companies producing dog toys: more than 100 types of toys are patented to the name of the brand.

    The main goal of JW® is to offer dogs skill-building toys that can hold their attention for a longer period of time. These intelligent dog toys play a decisive role in the development of the personality of dogs. JW® toys are developed in such a way that the dog can find the solution on its own, thus developing problem-solving and concentration skills.

    The most popular products of the brand are the balls that can be filled with reward snacks and the balls that make a sound. The materials of the products are durable, and there are toys specially designed for dogs with intense chewing. All JW® toys are indoor toys, thinking of dogs who spend most of their time indoors.