P24S® Custom Patch with pink frame - small (110x30 mm)

The order refers to 1 individual dog harness label. Preparation time 2-3 days.
  • Size: 110 x 30 mm
  • Color of embroidered frame: Pink
  • Number of characters: 18 including spaces
  • Variable color and font
  • Recommended for the following products:
  • IDC® Powerharness Baby2/2XS, Mini-mini/XS, Mini/S, 0/M
  • K9 Powerharness Baby2/2XS, Mini-mini/XS, Mini/S, 0/M
  • Please always write the text correctly, after placing the order, we are not able to change, refund or cancel it!
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    Manufacturer: P24S®
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    • Bree Serif
      Bree Serif
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    • Courgette
      Not available
    • Pacifico
      Not available
    • Russo One
      Russo One
      Not available
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    The large label can be used for the following products:

    • IDC®Longwalk Y-harness all sizes
    • IDC® Powerharness Baby 1, Baby 2, Mini-mini, Mini, 0
    • Hard Dog Race® Y-harness all sizes
    • IDC® Powair summer harness 3XS, 2XS, XS, S, M
    • IDC® Color & Gray® harness Mini-mini, Mini, 0
    • K9® Powerharness Baby 2, Mini-mini, Mini, 0
    • IDC® Powerharness with side rings, all sizes
    • Multifunctional IDC® dog vest 3in1 all sizes
    • IDC® neoprene dog suit all sizes
    • Mantrailing/Outdoor dog harness all sizes
    • Color & Gray® collar - with safety lock and pliers, all sizes
    • K-9® Unit short vest all sizes
    • K-9® Unit vest all sizes
    • K9® Training skirt all sizes
    • IDC® Universal bag all sizes
    • Side bag for IDC® Power harnesses size 0

    Parameters required for ordering:

    • The caption can consist of a maximum of 18 characters (including spaces!)
    • The caption must not violate general ethical rules
    • Your text cannot be a trademark

    1. Selectable frame color
    The embroidered frame protects the surface of the patch from external influences, making it more resistant to friction. Thanks to the contrasting, luminous or reflective text and contrasting or luminous embroidered frame, the Velcro patches can be safely used even at night, dusk, fog and rainy days.

    2. Strong material

    Our durable Velcro patches are made of high-quality thread and textile, the embroidered frame is beautifully made. It withstands heavy use, it is flexible, so it can also be applied to curved surfaces. The basic material is polyester and viscose, which can be washed at a maximum temperature of 40° and can be ironed at a medium temperature (2 points).
    P24S Custom Patch details

    3. Endless variation

    You can add a mood to the text of the caption with different emojis, font styles, and font colors. You can choose from countless variations when customizing text up to 18 characters long. Each vinyl letter sticker is applied by hand and goes through a multi-step manufacturing and quality control process. 

    You can choose from the following colors:

    • White
    • Reflective.
    • phosphorescent
    • Neon Pink
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Neon Green
    • Neon Yellow
    • Neon Orange

    and from the following fonts:

    • Bree Serif
    • Courgette
    • Pacifico
    • Russo One


    4. Wide range of use

    Fits perfectly for several dog harnesses and dog accessories, for example Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness size Baby1/3XS, Baby2/2XS, Mini-Mini/XS, Mini/S, 0/M, 1/L, 2/XL, 3/2XL, 4/3XL. The P24S custom patces can not only be used on dog harnesses while walking, it is also a perfect choice for tactical and training harnesses. In addition, it can be applied to any loop surface, e.g. for uniforms, motorcycle jackets, sports bags, etc. The application possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

    Important parameters for your order:

    • The text could contain maximum 18 characters (spaces included!)
    • The text shouldn’t be against ethic rules
    • The text shouldn’t be a patented trade name