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Humans Giving Gifts & Dogs as Receivers

This time I would like to share a personal story. Last year on Christmas Day, when the extended family celebrated Christmas together we were standing in a circle giving each other presents. The family's dog was quite excited and was standing in the circle just as any other family member. Waiting for a gift to come...Then finally ... he got a beautiful present: a tennis ball on a rope. He was sooo happy. Basically he nestled up against the person from who he received the amazing dog toy. He was 'cuddling' this person for hours gving all his love. He was so cute, calm and grateful all night long. By the way the tennis ball on the rope was torn into pieces in about five minutes after the emotional gift giving...;)


It seems like doggies like receiving gifts, so....

You Could Get an Advent Calendar for Your Dog


Do you like watching your kids opening the little boxes each morning and getting more and more excited about X-mas? Well, why don't you try this year with presenting a calendar for your doggy? In some shops you may get a dog Advent calendar, but a DIY calendar is even better (and can be used more than once). You'll just need one big box, 24 little boxes of match and 24 pieces of treats. Let your kids share these lovely moments with the four legged friend of the family. 


Or a Christmas Present

It's about time to think what you want to get for your family members as Christmas gift - including your dog. On you can order the gift your dog's been dreaming of: a ball that will last for more than five minutes!

What about this one?

Or maybe your dog will like better this one:


Start thinking about your dog's Christmas present and if you need any help, we're here for you! :)