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A 21st century thing: Dogs As Internet Celebrities

Nowadays you can see people doing videos daily and earning a lot of money while doing so. The same goes for doggies. There are dogs on the internet who became fashion gurus, sportsdogs or entertainers. We would like to introduce you 2 excellent dogs from the net.


#1 Jiff – The Pomeranian

Jiff always looks nice: his fur is always shiny and usually has something very nice clothes to put on. Jiff ”uploads” videos about himself taking test on a computer and finding out things like: which Disney movie he should watch, which Oreo he is, which job he should have. He is doing a great job with over one million likes on fb and with his own little webpage.

have a look at Jiffpom’s pages:


#2 Jesse – The Human Like Jack Russel Terrier

Jesse has a totally different style. It does’n mean neither that she is better nor that she is worse than Jiff. Jesse’s world is not so much about fashion and sparkling. She is a prime example to owners who think that training a doggy for doing tricks is really unnecessary. It’s just one thing that Jesse is a talented sk8ter girl… She can also open the door, make breakfast for you (that’s right she prepares stuff for you for a nice tea and toast), bring the phone to you when it’s ringing. What else do you need?

Watch Jesse doing some useful tricks:



What do you think about famous dogs on the internet? Would you like your four legged friend to be one of them? If yes, what is his/her talent for which she could be famous?  Leave your comments, we’re interested in your opinion and doggie's talent. :)