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Julius-K9 Powerharness - The Power of Tradition

The Julius-K9 Powerharness

It was invented in 1997 by Julius Sebő, the C.E.O. of Julius-K9. 

It's still the leading dog harness in the EU since it has been put to such a good use that many dog trainers stick to the traditional K9 Powerharness

But where does this popularity come from?

In 1997 first demands came from Austrian and Hungarian police forces who trained working dogs. The harness was such a succes that even military units started using them! 

In 2000 this great invention is presented to the public eye at VDH World Expo in Dortmund.

After, the K9 Powerharness became the most popular dog harness in Europe and Julius-K9 is still the greatest dog equipment supplier in the EU. Julius-K9 has contracts with various authorities, countless trainers and dog shelters.

For this reason Julius-K9 Powerharnesses were regularly presented in the media.

K9 Julius Harnesses also won the first place in an independent test conducted by professional dog trainers assigned by WDR television.

In 2010 the new IDC Powerharness product line is developed. 

From then, sales in the USA mainly consisted of IDC Powerharnesses. But the popularity of the original K9 Power Harnesses is unbroken.

How do original Julius-K9 Powerharnesses and IDC Powerharnesses differ from each other?

Well within the year of 2010 twenty innovations were presented at the Hungarian patent office of which many are part of the new IDC Powerharness family.

Here are the main differences:

  • The reflective chest strap on IDC Powerharnesses is placed lower, so it distributes weight on the chestbone instead of pressuring the dog's neck.
  • The buckle is placed lower on the K9 Power Harness which might restrict free movement of the front legs.
  • Saddle part covers a bigger surface on the Julius-K9 Powerharness.
  • IDC Powerharness labels also cover a smaller surface on the side compared to the original Julius-K9 Powerharness.
  • Closable handle is not available on the K9 Powerharness.
  • In 1997 nobody though about using LED flashlights on harnesses, so the original K9 Powerharness does not support mounting a flashlight. 

These differences are no big deal, right? This is why the Julius-K9 Powerharness is still rocking today! 

Julius-K9 Harness Sizing - How to?

If you've read the " Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness - Ultimate Guide " then this article is for you! 

Julius-K9 Harness Sizes - For IDC Power Harness

From smallest to largest these are

  • Baby 1
  • Baby 2
  • Mini-Mini
  • Mini
  • Size 0
  • Size 1
  • Size 2
  • Size 3
  • Size 4

Baby 1 and Baby 2

These are the smallest size of all. These little IDC Power Harnesses are made for the tinyest toy dog breeds, such as:

  • Chihuahuas
  • Prague Ratters 
  • Russian Toy Terriers 
  • Taco Terriers 
  • Toy Fox Terriers 
  • Yorkshire Terriers 
  • Miniature Pinschers 
  • Papillons

They say that Julius-K9 IDC Power Harnesses are only for working dogs - let me contradict: 

Small dog breeds also deserve the best quality and the trendiest colors, furthermore, they can also be working dogs. Despite they are not conventional physical working dogs, they have a large impact on our lives. They can be a cure for depression and anxiety so IDC Power Harnesses are available for these all-heart little therapy dogs. And using a harness is also good for their neck, since their necks are weaker than big dogs'. 

Technical data:

Baby 1: Chest circumference: 29-36 cm (11.5-14 in), Weight: 0.8-3 kg (2-6.5 lbs)

Baby 2: Chest circumference: 33-45 cm (13-17.5 in), Weight: 2-5 kg (4.5-11 lbs)

Mini-Mini and Mini

These are still considered small sizes although these IDC Power Harnesses are for bigger dogs than Baby sizes. Usually these are bought for: 

  • West Highland Whites 
  • Pugs 
  • French Bulldogs 
  • Dachshunds 
  • Jack Russell Terriers 
  • Bull Terriers 
  • Whippets 
  • Shiba Inus 
  • Beagles

Also they have more features than Baby sizes: On Mini-Mini and Mini IDC Power Harnesses there is a closable handle on the top side of the harness and also an Oeko-Tex inner lining can be found. For these ones, purchasing universal sidebags is advised. 

Technical data: 

Mini-Mini: Chest circumference: 40-53 cm (15.5-20.5 in), Weight: 4-7 kg (9-15.5 lbs)

Mini: Chest circumference: 49-67 cm (20-26.5 in), Weight: 7-15 kg (15.5-33 lbs)

Size 0

This size is a pure medium. It has all the features a Julius-K9 IDC Power Harness can have. You can attach sidebags to it, it features a LED Light holder on one side and it has a wider reflective strip on the chest strap. Its central ring, unlike smaller sizes, is made of INOX, not chrome-plated steel. This is the most popular size according to our sales records. 

This size is suitable for breeds: 

  • Bulldogs 
  • American Cocker Spaniels 
  • English Cocker Spaniels 
  • German Pinschers 
  • Siberian Huskys 
  • Dalmatians 
  • Poodles 
  • Pulis 

Technical data:

Size 0: Chest circumference: 58-76 cm (23-30 in), Weight: 14-25 kg (31-55 lbs)

From Size 1 to Size 4

The only difference between Size 0 and bigger harnesses is that bigger harnesses have elastic LED Light holders on both sides, while Size 0 harnesses have only on one. And of course, their dimensions. Please note that harnesses which are bigger than Size 0 require large labels.

Size 1 and Size 2

These Julius-K9 IDC Power Harnesses are medium-large sized. Optimal for dog breeds:

  • German Shepherds 
  • Golden Retrievers 
  • Irish Setters 
  • Australian Shepherds 
  • Vizslas 
  • Basset Hounds 
  • Belgian Malinois 
  • Komondors 
  • Labrador Retrievers 
  • Boxers 
  • Collies 
  • Rottweilers 
  • Greyhounds 
  • Weimaraners 
  • American Staffordshire Terriers

Technical data: 

Size 1: Chest circumference: 63-85 cm (26-33.5 in), Weight: 23-30 kg (50.5-66 lbs)

Size 2: Chest circumference: 71-96 cm (28-37.5 in), Weight: 28-40 kg (61.5-88 lbs)

Size 3 and Size 4

These are the largest IDC Power Harnesses we retail for extra-sized lovebombs. Thanks to the high-quality and durable materials we use, a Julius-K9 IDC Power Harness won't break even if it is used by an Irish Wolfhound (The biggest dog breed). 

Suitable for dogs: 

  • Mastiffs 
  • Great Danes 
  • Saint Bernards 
  • Doberman Pinschers 
  • Bloodhounds
  • Akitas 
  • Newfoundlands
  • Great Pyreneess 
  • Irish Wolfhounds 
  • Kuvasz

Technical data: 

Size 3: Chest circumference: 82-115 cm (32.5-46.5 in), Weight: 40-70 kg (88-154 lbs)

Size 4: Chest circumference: 96-138 cm (38-54.5 in), Weight: 70-90 kg (154-198 lbs) 

Julius-K9 Harness Sizing - It's never been easier! 

"That's nice that you educate us on sizes..." But where's the answer for the most important question?


Well here's my guide on Julius-K9 Harness Sizing so you can choose the perfect harness for your dog! 

For small canines, who are considerably Baby 1 or Baby 2 sizes, you should put your index- and middle fingers behind their front legs and measure there! It's this easy! 

For dogs who need approximately Mini-Mini or Mini harnesses you should measure 3 fingers behind their front legs.

For bigger dogs, keep a 4-finger from the front legs and you'll be good. 

Although weight is indicated at sizes, the most important thing is the dog's dimensions. 

Please always measure your dog!

You can read more on Julius-K9 IDC Harness Sizing iand adjusting if you scroll down!

Dog links are from one of our partners' page! 

Dog Psychology - What Emotions Does Your Dog Experience?

In The Mind Of Your Four-Legged Friend

The Feelings Man & His Best Friend Share

Dog owners usually claim that their dog is an especially intelligent one acting and feeling like a human. Is this theory just the creation of the loving owner or are dogs really familiar to humans? We will give you a brief summary of the topic and hope you will understand your doggie better.


Here’s a situation you certainly know very well: you go home and find your dog in the entrance of the kitchen his tail tucked between his rear legs, his ears completely flattened… surely, there will be a smelly brown package somewhere in the kitchen. You will be angered by his little surprise and scold him a bit. Maybe you feel sorry for him afterward because he didn’t do it on purpose and was ashamed of himself, kind of regretted the whole thing.


Well, scientists do argue with the second half of the previous sentence. Experiments have proved that dogs have similar emotional lives to a 2 or 2,5 years old human. Okay, but what kind of emotional life does a 2,5 years old baby have? A newborn baby has one basic emotion: excitement. Then based on how excited this baby is he will experience contentment and distress. Next in line are disgust, fear, and anger. Half-a-year after the birth comes joy and at about four more months later: love. Basically, that’s the stage where a dog’s emotional development will get fixated. Shame, pride, and guilt are far more complex emotions that emerge when the infant is 3-4 years old. These complex emotions require the process of social learning. How is it then, that your dog looks like feeling guilty when he did something wrong? Scientists explain that your dog knows that what he did is something that will trail scolding/discipline along so he behaves in a submissive manner beforehand. 


If you want to give your dog a reason to feel joy & and love you even more than before, why don’t you just order him a comfortable high-quality harness and take him for a walk in it? If you order a Julius-K9 Powerharness you will get a Unique Label for FREE.

Dogs In Warfare - Kind-Hearted Soldiers

Things You Should Know About Dog Soldiers

Tough & Cute Doggies In Action

Dogs have been found on battleffields since as early as ancient times. They used to fight along with humans. Their role in battelfields has changed over time. In WW I dogs delivered messages (and often died while doing so).  In WW II dogs were trained to kill the enemy, to explore areas which were too dangerous for human soldiers and sadly sometimes they were strapped with explosives and sent among the soldiers of the enemy (read many more details about the history of soldier dogs: Nowadays, the duty of most soldier dogs is to sniff out explosives. Wanna know some interesting facts about them?


  1. Soldier dogs sniff out explosives so willingly because they were trained in a way that whenever they found the scent of an explosive, magically, out of nowhere a superb ball was thrown in front of the dog (well, probably from the pocket of the handler;) ).  This way the dog will associate finding the scent of esplosives with getting a ball.
  2. Even the toughest soldier and his mastiff have an emotional bond that is enviable. After their death dogs get memorial services with poems read  by their handler. 
  3. Not all dog soldiers are from a strong and huge breed. A Jack Russel terrier can be a fantastic bomb sniffer! 
  4. Sometimes during the trainings it turns out that some dogs are so sensitive that they are not capable of attacking the enemy if necessary. These doggies become sniffers (and therapy dogs). 
  5. Soldier dogs can get PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome). The handlers are observing the dog's behavior and if necessary, doggies are sent to a loving home from the battlefields. 

Arm Your Own Soldier!

- The high quality Powerharness is not only for German Shepherds. A Pug or a Chihuahua would look cool in a camouflage patterned harness as well:


- If you regularly go to the great outdoors to train your four legged friend, you may need a camouflage patterned sidebag on the dog's camouflage harness (or maybe on a black harness?) to keep documents or small accessories of training/therapy work in it:

Talking about training in the great outdoors, you may want to take a camouflage treat bag with you:

Kids & Dogs - The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

We are here to give you a short guide about kids/babies and doggies. First let's see what to do if you have a dog and a baby is on its way:

Well, when you have a dog and you give birth to a human baby your dog experiences more or less the same as a kid who's having a little sister/brother: jealousy. You may know the feeling when everyone's crazy about your little sibling and you just stand there having no clue what wrong you did to deserve this. Well, a dog's mind is similar (in some aspects) to a 3 years old's mind, so most probably your dog will think that it's the new born's mistake that the owner spends less time with them.

Kids and Dogs - The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

To avoid this you should know (& do) the followings:

- If you know that you will have less time to walk your dog when the baby has arrived, start to reduce walking time beforehand and step by step.

- You should show to your dog more often that you are the pack leader. Try to train him that if you say for instance STOP he should stop immediately, no matter what. This could help in the future when the dog interacts with the baby. (read more about re-establishing pack leadership:

- Let your dog play alone a bit more than he is used to, so in the future he won't associate playing alone with the arrival of the baby. 

- The same goes for habits. If the dog has always been allowed to sleep on the couch don't make him think that he can't do that anymore because the baby is born. 

- After the baby is born, take some baby scented clothes home from the hospital and let your doggie smell it. Let him approach the clothes slowly and with respect. Having intoduced the clothes to the dog, take the piece of baby clothes to your room. Don't left the clothes with your dog as this way you teach him that with the baby he can do whatever he wants. 

- When the baby comes home its scent will be familiar to the dog which is positive. Make sure that mommy is just as happy about seeing the dog as she used to be before giving birth. 

-ALWAYS supervise baby/kid + doggie moments. Try to read your dog's body language and if you see that he is uncomfortable with the situation do something. Sometimes the dog enjoys playing with the kid and it's just a little thing that needs to be changed in the kid's behavior to make things good again. At other times it is neccessary to interfere and put an end to the situation (for instance if the dog is growling or it's nipping the child). 


It is a hard thing to have kids and pets at the same time, it is worth it though. Why?


1. Your Kid Becomes a Responsible Owner

A dog needs to be fed/walked regularly. You can give some tasks to your child that s/he needs to do regularly. This way s/he will know how to be responsible. Agree on a period of the day when your kid has to fill the dog's bowl with dry food each and every day. For instance make it to be a duty in the morning,before heading to school. This way getting up won't be a nightmare, it will be a chance to be a responsible dog owner. 


2.  Owning a Dog is Healthy

Scientists claim that those who own a pet have less risk of developing allergies and asthma. It's also true for the problems of the soul and mind. If you have a fluffy dog to cuddle you won't be sad for too long. :)


3. Improved Social Skills

A relationship between dog and owner is somewhat similar to a relationship between two people. Kids with few friends and/or weak social skills will benefit a lot of having a buddy in the garden. It's especially true for kids/people with autism. Those autist people who own a dog, have more developed social skills than other autists. Being a dog owner is a bit like being a parent. The other's needs are first. Kids need to observe the behavior of the doggie and notice if it's hungry or wants to go for a walk etc. When a child feels that walking the dog is more important than completing the level of the video game, mommy and daddy can be happy: the kid's empathy skills are improving thanks to the dog. At last but not least a dog may strengthen the bonds of family members as walking the dog is a shared duty and a shared free-time activity.


Read more about the psychologycal benefits of owning a dog:



Have a nice day! 



A 21st century thing: Dogs As Internet Celebrities

Nowadays you can see people doing videos daily and earning a lot of money while doing so. The same goes for doggies. There are dogs on the internet who became fashion gurus, sportsdogs or entertainers. We would like to introduce you 2 excellent dogs from the net.


#1 Jiff – The Pomeranian

Jiff always looks nice: his fur is always shiny and usually has something very nice clothes to put on. Jiff ”uploads” videos about himself taking test on a computer and finding out things like: which Disney movie he should watch, which Oreo he is, which job he should have. He is doing a great job with over one million likes on fb and with his own little webpage.

have a look at Jiffpom’s pages:


#2 Jesse – The Human Like Jack Russel Terrier

Jesse has a totally different style. It does’n mean neither that she is better nor that she is worse than Jiff. Jesse’s world is not so much about fashion and sparkling. She is a prime example to owners who think that training a doggy for doing tricks is really unnecessary. It’s just one thing that Jesse is a talented sk8ter girl… She can also open the door, make breakfast for you (that’s right she prepares stuff for you for a nice tea and toast), bring the phone to you when it’s ringing. What else do you need?

Watch Jesse doing some useful tricks:



What do you think about famous dogs on the internet? Would you like your four legged friend to be one of them? If yes, what is his/her talent for which she could be famous?  Leave your comments, we’re interested in your opinion and doggie's talent. :)

Humans Giving Gifts & Dogs as Receivers

This time I would like to share a personal story. Last year on Christmas Day, when the extended family celebrated Christmas together we were standing in a circle giving each other presents. The family's dog was quite excited and was standing in the circle just as any other family member. Waiting for a gift to come...Then finally ... he got a beautiful present: a tennis ball on a rope. He was sooo happy. Basically he nestled up against the person from who he received the amazing dog toy. He was 'cuddling' this person for hours gving all his love. He was so cute, calm and grateful all night long. By the way the tennis ball on the rope was torn into pieces in about five minutes after the emotional gift giving...;)


It seems like doggies like receiving gifts, so....

You Could Get an Advent Calendar for Your Dog


Do you like watching your kids opening the little boxes each morning and getting more and more excited about X-mas? Well, why don't you try this year with presenting a calendar for your doggy? In some shops you may get a dog Advent calendar, but a DIY calendar is even better (and can be used more than once). You'll just need one big box, 24 little boxes of match and 24 pieces of treats. Let your kids share these lovely moments with the four legged friend of the family. 


Or a Christmas Present

It's about time to think what you want to get for your family members as Christmas gift - including your dog. On you can order the gift your dog's been dreaming of: a ball that will last for more than five minutes!

What about this one?

Or maybe your dog will like better this one:


Start thinking about your dog's Christmas present and if you need any help, we're here for you! :)


It's a Must - Individualized Harness for Your Dog

Hopefully, your doggy is opening his/her Advent Calendar already... How about a Christmas present that would make your dog even happier?


Christmas  Colours 

If you are thinking of getting a new harness for your dog, you should get something Christmassy:

- neon green and uv green


- red


Already have one?


Then why not putting on an individualized logo?! Surely, you like expressing your personality with clothes. It might sound strange but even with clothing we are expressing something that is within us on a deeper level.  Give your doggy too, a chance to show something to the world by putting a useful or witty labels on the harness bought on .

Types of labels:

- witty ('Borderpower', 'Boss')

- useful ('Guard Dog', 'Police')

These premade patches can be ordered in English version!


- your own choice of words :) - in many colours and Font Families



If you are not convinced yet, let the pictures of satisfied costumers speak for themselves:

Julius-K9 dogharness with free patches


individualized harness k9


Unique dog harness K9