Medium size dog - Tips




We make a very important decision when we decide to bring a dog into the house. A dog comes with a lot of  responsibility, so it's worth researching everything before the newcomer arrives. We have to take many aspects into account when making decisions.

⦁    It's worth getting to know the varieties that we like.
⦁    If you bring a dog home, the size of the dog can be important in many ways. It is advisable to carefully consider how much space we have before bringing the newcomer into our home. It is not the most ideal, for example, to bring a large dog into a panel, as there is not enough room for movement. It is worth choosing a variety that fits your own living space and environment. 
⦁    We have to think about how much time we will have to always be able to deal with it.
⦁    It is worth researching the breed, characteristics, temperament, activity, diseases of the breed, need for exercise, learnability of the chosen dog.



From many points of view, the most ideal choice is a medium-sized dog, because these four-legged friends are neither too small nor too big, so they can be suitable companions for almost everyone, everywhere.< /span>

⦁    The average weight of a medium-sized dog is usually between 18 and 27 kilograms, depending on the breed. For example, a golden retriever weighs between 25-32 kilograms on average, while a cocker spaniel weighs between 12-15 kilograms. However, it is important to note that the average weight is only indicative and is not the same for all dog breeds. The weight of each breed largely depends on the individual's age, gender, activity level, health status and other factors.:
⦁    Medium-sized dogs are usually very active and energetic and need lots of movement and exercise. When you have a medium-sized dog, it is important to provide him with adequate exercise. EB's regular walks and physical activity help to keep it healthy and in a good mood. 
⦁    Most medium-sized dogs are friendly and easily get along with other people and animals.
⦁    Many medium-sized dogs are highly intelligent and easy to learn, which helps those who need training and education.
⦁    Medium-sized dogs are usually balanced and calm, but they still need adequate mental and physical stimulation.
⦁    Medium-sized dogs are usually very sociable and love family life. They like to play and participate in family activities. However, if you leave them alone, they can easily get bored and show destructive behavior such as gnawing or digging.

It is important to note that medium-sized dogs have different needs depending on the breed.





If you want to choose from medium-sized dogs, we do not undertake an easy task. Medium-sized dogs, like other breeds, differ in many ways. For everyone, a different type of dog is ideal. How to choose a future favorite should take several aspects into account. Here are some important points that can help you choose the right breed of dog:

⦁    Lifestyle: The first step is to consider your lifestyle and how much time you can devote to your dog. Medium-sized dogs are usually very active and playful, so they are very happy when they are regularly walking, running or playing sports. If you like to play sports, you should choose a medium-sized dog that can adapt to your lifestyle.
⦁    Needs: It is important to consider the needs of the chosen breed of dog. There are medium-sized dogs that require a lot of exercise, while others are more homely and require less space. It is important to get to know the needs of the chosen dog so that you can properly care for them and make them happy.
⦁    Characteristics: Different medium-sized dog breeds have different characteristics. It is necessary to determine what kind of dog's temperament would be the most ideal for us. First of all, we have to decide whether we are looking for a calm, fun-loving animal or an energetic four-legged friend who will accompany us on trips and walks. There are dogs that are calm and balanced, while others are active and adventurous. In addition, it is important to take into account the breed's instincts, such as protective instinct, hunting instinct or herding dog instinct.
⦁    Size: Appearance is also an important aspect. Since the average body size varies widely, we have to think about how big the ideal dog would be for us in relation to our possibilities. Although medium-sized dogs can generally be 25-55 cm tall from shoulder to foot, there are differences in size and weight even within that range. It may happen that a medium-sized dog already seems small or large to you. Therefore, it is important to consider the size in advance.
⦁    Care: All dogs require certain care. It is worth considering in advance how much time you can devote to caring for your dog and what resources you can provide for him. It is also good to find out what hair type the given breed belongs to. This will be important in the future, as an unkempt dog is not the most beautiful sight, and the lack of hair care can in many cases worsen the dog's quality of life. For example, a long-haired dog may require regular bathing and grooming, while a short-haired dog requires less maintenance.
⦁    Costs: The costs of owning a dog include veterinary care, food, toys, vaccinations, dog grooming and much more. It is worth considering in advance the costs of keeping the selected breed of dog and how much you can spend for this purpose.
⦁   Training: All dogs require training and socialization. It is worth considering in advance what training methods and techniques you can use to effectively teach your dog. It is important that the selected breed of dog is intelligent and easy to train, so that you can successfully learn the desired skills.
⦁    Health: It's worth looking into what diseases dogs are prone to, as every breed of dog has its own genetic tendencies that can affect their health. It is worth investigating whether the selected dog breed is prone to various diseases and what health problems the dogs may cause in the future.

These tips can help you choose the right medium dog breed that fits your lifestyle, needs and personality. Thorough research and consideration can help you live a happy and healthy life together in the long run.




⦁    A big advantage of these breeds over their small and large  fellows is that their representatives are generally considered to have a robust constitution, yet they are even easier to handle than their larger counterparts. Some medium-sized dog breeds function as very good guard dogs and very effectively protect his family.
⦁    Medium-sized dogs are usually very sociable and love family life. These dogs are very loyal to their families and are very happy to be with their owners.
⦁    Due to their medium size, they are able to radiate authority, they protect their owners, and they usually get along well with children, and they can bear the small or large trials of children better than their smaller counterparts. It is very important for a family.
⦁    Medium-sized dogs are usually very intelligent, which means they can easily learn tricks and commands. This makes training the dogs easier and allows them to be very useful to the family.
⦁    Since they grow more slowly than their larger counterparts, they also less often struggle with joint problems or diseases that attack bones during their lives. These dogs are generally healthy and long-lived. Of course, every dog is different, but medium-sized breeds are generally less prone to genetic problems than larger or smaller dogs.
⦁    Medium-sized dogs are very active and playful, which means they are great for families that like to play sports or be outdoors. These dogs really enjoy walks, runs and other physical activities.
⦁    It doesn't need a very large apartment and it can be easily transported in the car if you get used to it enough.
⦁    They are excellent working dogs and, of course, perfect as family dogs. 
⦁    Medium-sized dogs tend to be more economical in terms of food, vet care, and other costs than larger dogs.
⦁    The lifespan of medium-sized dogs is expected to be 11-15 years, which is much longer than that of larger dogs. The easy-to-handle and healthy fur pets therefore stay with their beloved owner for a long time, both in good and bad.

Of course, these are just general characteristics, and there are many different medium-sized dog breeds that have their own unique characteristics and personalities.



Of course, for everyone who loves animals.

This type of dog can be a really good choice whether we keep it in an apartment or it becomes an outdoor dog. They adapt well to the living environment, as they are not so big that they interfere with the living space, but they are not so small that they need more room to move than an average apartment can provide. In addition, medium-sized dogs generally have good weather tolerance, so it is not necessary to keep them outdoors all the time, as for example with large dogs.

Medium-sized dogs include many different breeds that differ in size, color, characteristics, and needs. This means it's easier to find the best breed for your family that fits your family's lifestyle and needs.

They don't eat much, so the financial expenditure is more moderate than in the case of their larger counterparts, and yet they have a relatively massive size and appearance, which radiates strength if needed on it.

They are very loyal to their family. There are several medium sized dog breeds that make great family dogs as they are generally friendly, easy to train and enjoy spending time with people. Such dogs almost always love children and can adapt well to the family routine, as well as solve the loneliness of elderly people with their kind and affectionate nature. They are very loyal to their family and are suitable for protecting the family or the yard if necessary.. 

Their lifespan is optimally high with proper nutrition and healthy maintenance, which is important for owners, as everyone is attached to their dog and wants to enjoy their love and loyalty for a long time, his devotion and friendship.
In all respects, these dogs of this size meet the expectations we usually have of our furry, four-legged friends.</p >