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    It's a Must - Individualized Harness for Your Dog

    It's a Must - Individualized Harness for Your Dog

    Hopefully, your doggy is opening his/her Advent Calendar already... How about a Christmas present that would make your dog even happier?


    Christmas  Colours 

    If you are thinking of getting a new harness for your dog, you should get something Christmassy:

    - dark green


    - red


    Already have one?


    Then why not putting on an individualized logo?! Surely, you like expressing your personality with clothes. It might sound strange but even with clothing we are expressing something that is within us on a deeper level.  Give your doggy too, a chance to show something to the world by putting a useful or witty labels on the harness bought on .

    Types of labels:

    - witty ('Borderpower', 'Boss')

    - useful ('Guard Dog', 'Police')

    These premade patches can be ordered both in English and German version!


    - your own choice of words :) - in many colours and Font Families



    If you are not convinced yet, let the pictures of satisfied costumers speak for themselves:





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